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Message from Kiki (English)

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Message from Kiki (English) Empty Message from Kiki (English)

Message par Cat le Mar 8 Nov - 15:28

Kiki (a new player) would like to know who is playing what so that there could be "live competitions" between players.
I need to agree with Kiki, I stopped playing Mapset 9 when I saw that Triovoigt was being played. I really like to start a new mapset at the same time as other players. It's so much fun and we don't feel like playing alone.

Kiki is currently playing mapset 3. (Just finished mapsets 1 & 2)
Eric Zyg is playing Triovoigt.
Patapin, Bernard and I are playing mapset 9 and Triovoigt.
So if you're interested in "live competition" let us know what mapset you're playing.

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