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Join a map to a post

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Join a map to a post Empty Join a map to a post

Message par Patapin le Lun 17 Fév - 10:19

You've created a map, and want to upload it ? Very easy if you are member of the group "Createur de tableaux" (Maps creator).

Join a map to a post Attach10

1. Create a new topic, with the title of your map, and your name or pseudo.

2. Post an image of your map (size : 600 x 450 pixels would be the best), and a miniature (about 90 x 68 pixels)

3. Click on "Choisissez un fichier" (Choose a file), and choose a zip file on your computer.
In this zip file, you can group several maps if you like. You are allowed a 20 ko max file per post.

4. Click on "Valider" (Validate)

5. You may preview your post, but you won't see your attached filed yet. Only after having Sent the post, you will see your file.

Join a map to a post Abigs10

Now every member of the forum can download your map, by clicking on its name.
Join a map to a post Abigs110
You can see how many times it has been downloaded (Téléchargé in french).

And you can choose to withdraw your file, just by clicking on the x button
Join a map to a post Abigs210

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