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Bomb & Klondike

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Bomb & Klondike Empty Bomb & Klondike

Message par Cat le Dim 8 Juil - 10:52

Bomb & Klondike Bug_kl10

Bomb & Klondike is a very wellknown bug.
But in case you don't know it, here is how it works :

- the first 3 cases on the map above :
Grabber can grab a klondike right behind a bomb if the klondike is on an unbreakable tile (bronze tile or ice).
To do that, you need to set the bomb off and keep the space bar down until the bomb goes off.

More difficult but feasible:

When Grabber is right behind a bomb (last case on the right side of the map), it can get a distant klondike (of course Grabber will die in the process).
To do so, set the bomb off, save the game and hit the space bar at the precise time the bomb goes off.

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