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Map 56: Tunis

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Map 56: Tunis Empty Map 56: Tunis

Message par sam220660 le Ven 11 Fév - 2:29

Hi everybody,
I am playing on Mapset 8 at level 56 need your help. I think that Blue must go through river to destroy mine & flag then pushing klondile for Green getting. But I wonder how to do that. Please kindly give me a hint of this map.
Thank you very much for your kind help in advance.
Best regards,


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Map 56: Tunis Empty Re: Map 56: Tunis

Message par Patapin le Ven 11 Fév - 17:42

Hello Sam,

First be quick to move one reflector, to prevent the timebomb being pushed too far.

Then you have to put the other reflectors in good places, to help blue Pusher to go up...

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