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Forum Terms of use Empty Forum Terms of use

Message par Cat Dim 11 Déc - 14:02

Forum Terms of use

- For a better understanding and every body's accessibility, do not use SMS language.
- Try to be as clear as possible when you post a question.
- Make an effort on grammar and spelling.
- Check for copyrights before posting any information coming from another website and refer the site on your post.
- Don't forget to check if your topic doesn't already exist before you create a new one.
- Don't post the same message more than once.
- Post in the right forum.
- Aggressive or abusive messages, coarse language or flaming, encouraging or evoking illegal practices as well as any messages offending the French laws are prohibited.
- If you have a problem with someone, first try to deal calmly with that person.
- You can report abusers to the administrator through the link 'Report abuse' at the bottom of each page.

The moderators and administrator of this forum reserve the right to edit, close or remove, without preliminary notice, reprehensible threads or messages. The moderators/administrator cannot be held responsible for members' ideas and opinions and language. Neither can they go over all the messages; therefore, they will likely miss some of them. Also, the editing, closing or removal delay will depend on the moderators/administrator's availability.

In very serious or repeated violation instances, the poster will be banned from the forum and/or the poster's Internet provider and/or authorities will be notified of his/her behaviour.

If you disagree with the moderators/administrator's decision, contact him through personal message.

Cookies from this forum do not contain any personal information. Email addresses are used only for registration purposes and to remind you passwords when forgotten.


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