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Patapin and Triogical

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Patapin and Triogical Empty Patapin and Triogical

Message par Cat Lun 5 Déc - 12:02

From Patapin:

“The creator of this forum – Die – is very busy nowadays and can't manage the forum as much as he'd like.
Because of my involvement in this forum as well as in the game Triogical, Die has passed on the management to me. I thank him for his trust.

So from now on, you can send any complaints you have or any problems you encounter on this forum to me.

I DON'T have any control over the original website West is the designer and administrator of

The creator of this fantastic game - Latyl – has lost interest in it.
But Triogical is a free game, we can therefore play it and create as many maps and mapsets as we want.
We cannot, however, change anything in the program itself, this remains Latyl's control and ownership.
You can contact him if you want !”


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Patapin and Triogical Empty Re: Patapin and Triogical

Message par Patapin Lun 5 Déc - 12:52

Thanks Cat Very Happy

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