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Message par Cat le Ven 2 Déc - 17:34

Are you a map creator ?

If you have already created - or want to create news maps (see post on How to create new maps) -, you can send them to Patapin who will upload them on 4shared.

He and Eric Zyg are ready to upload their maps but prefer to wait and upload all the new maps at the same time.

We'd also like to somehow recreate what Alf did on his website: a means to sort and share those new maps.
You can help us by posting any ideas you have on how to do that AND/OR by sending your maps.

Map creator
Map creator

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Message par Patapin le Lun 20 Aoû - 9:15

Another way to "send" your maps :

take a screen picture of your map, with all the informations, like this :

Then post a new topic, with the picture.
Everyone will be able to reproduce your map and test it.

And when we'll know you better, you will be allowed to become a mapcreator, and join the group, so that you can attach maps-files to your posts.

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